Malibu Caravans

Malibu Caravans

Quality Australian caravan manufaturers

The Malibu Caravan Range

Royal Flair Aussie Mate

Malibu Curl: 18’2 on road

Royal Flair Aussie Mate 4x4

Malibu California: 20’6 on road

Malibu Razor

Malibu Razor: 18’6 off road

Royal Flair Piazza

Malibu Family Adventurer: on road

Royal Flair Aussie Mate

Malibu Raider: 18’6 off road

Malibu Caravans Raider XXL

Malibu Raider XXL: 20’0 off road

Malibu Escape

Malibu Escape: 18’6 onroad

Malibu Wildtracker

Malibu Wildtracker: 20’6 off road

If you are interested in any of these models we are happy to discuss all caravans in more detail.

Don’t forget you can try before you buy with Coast to Country Caravan Sales Queensland and we can arrange for you to hire one of the Malibu caravan range.